Awareness Training & Testing

Protect Your Business From 97% 
Of All Ransomware Attacks.
Do Your Employees Know What A Phishing Email Looks Like?
Test. Train. Results.
What's a Company's Biggest Security Risk? You.

The title above was the headline of an article published by the Wall Street Journal in September 2011.

Security is a people issue. You and your employees are letting cyber-criminals into your systems, allowing them to access applications and data every day. One accidental click of the mouse is all it takes.

When it comes to reducing risk and enhancing security for your organization investing in end-user awareness training can make the BIGGEST impact. Sklar Technology provides end-user awareness training to help you and your employees. This service is part of our ProTec service program.

How we help educate YOUR company?

We are building the Human Firewall…

We provide on-site instructor-led training at your office or ours.


Typically done as a lunch and learn, we will give a short 15-20 minute education session designed to inform and educate your employees on how they are part of the security strategy.

To adopt these mindsets, they must be repeated. Tips and tricks on how to stay safe and what to do if someone accidentally falls victim to a scam.

We provide this via regular weekly emails and ongoing onsite instructor-led training. We also offer training videos, ongoing periodic simulated phishing security testing, and other services designed to keep your employees alert and to think before clicking.