Backup & Recovery

Would You Survive
A Ransom Attack?
Are You Prepared?
Be Certain.
Business Continuity
When Downtime Is NOT An Option
Automated. Monitored. Managed. Reliable.

Businesses today rely on their electronic data for the success of their operations and cybercrime attacks like Ransomware have become the number one threat your company faces.
What would you do if your applications and data were suddenly unavailable?

How many days could your business operate without having access to your data?

How much data could you afford to lose?
Having a recovery plan in place to make sure your business could survive a disaster is a critical priority.

Sklar Technology Partners understands the importance of protecting the digital assets that enable you to remain a trusted provider to your customers. We specialize in business continuity services that will minimize downtime and ensure a secure and automated back-up are in place to support the restoration of your electronic information.​

Minimize Data Loss

Continuous Backups 

96  Times Per Day

Fully Managed

24/7 Monitored and Managed Solution

Reduce Downtime

Rapidly Recovery Critical Data And Applications

Offsite Recovery

Offsite Backups To Recoverable Data Center