A Secure And Compliant DropBox

Simple And Secure Access  To Online Storage
 Securely Share Documents. 
Access Data From
Any Device, Anywhere

With so many cloud providers it's difficult to know where to store your corporate data to make sure it is easily accessible, easy to collaborate with your co-workers as well as business partners in other organizations. All while keeping the information safe, controlled and meeting compliance requirements.

Sklar brings you FileSafe. FileSafe is very easy to use, and you can even continue to utilize mapped drives, something you and your employees are all very accustomed to using.

​Need to access your files on the go? We provide an app for both your iPhone, iPad, and Droid mobile devices too! FileSafe goes well beyond file management.

Maximize Employee Productivity And Mobility
With FileSafe
Compliance Through Control

When employees leave, voluntarily or not, will your data go with them?

​With consumer-grade file sync services like Dropbox, it is easy for employees to sync your intellectual property to their home pc or personal phones for convenience. Data leakage issues can put you, and your clients ask risk without controls to manage data on all systems and devices even in a BYOD (bring your own device) environment.

FileSafe provides the auditing, security, and control needed for regulatory compliance. Enterprises can use Sklar FIleSafe to comply with their internal security requirements or regulatory standards like FINRA, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley and more.

FileSafe Features​

  • Easily Sync Data to All Devices

  • Exceed Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

  • Data Leakage Controls

  • Transfer Large and Sensitive Files (Outlook Plugin)

  • Continuous Backup and Version Controls

  • Remote Wipe Mobile Device Capabilities

  • Files Stored In Sklar Data Center

  • Utilize Mapped Drive Letters