Innovative Differences

Why Sklar Technology Partners? What makes us different?

Unlimited Support. Stop counting hours
Engineers Available In 2 Rings Or Less
Fast. Friendly. Knowledgeable.
Engineers Waiting... In 2 Rings or Less! Included with after hours tech on call

Sklar Technology’s Helpdesk and Onsite support services offer our clients premium support. With the latest technology and a winning culture, our support engineers provide you the kind of support that makes you want to call for help. In most cases, you will be connected to a support specialist, and they will be remotely plugged into your system working within moments. Solving your time-sensitive, frustrating issues. If you encounter an emergency issue after hours, we have support engineers on call there to help too.

Clear and Defined On-boarding processes | In-depth Remediation

We realize how important the first few months of our relationship will be with you, so we have created and continue to perfect our on-boarding process. From our experience, this initial phase is a crucial differentiation with our competition. Most firms just come in, deploy a remote management system, some security tools like Anti-Virus and then begin support. Performing an in-depth assessment followed by an investment of time of remediation is a key to our client success.

Consulting and Strategy  - Providing Value, Not Just Time

There are plenty of IT firms who excel at break-fix support. Their model is simple: something breaks, a ticket is created, the problem is solved, and the ticket is closed. They send you an invoice for the time spent. You feel they have their hands in your pocket and they are rewarded for slow performance. Trading time for dollars prevents a true proactive and strategic approach benefiting your business.. With this model you never actually make any progress. Sklar Technology is different. Meet with a Sklar advisor today and learn more about our innovative solutions and services, including our proprietary risks assessment process, executive strategic advisory meetings, unique approach to data security, and ongoing remediation to ensure the problems, not symptoms, are fixed.

Creating An Amazing Customer Experience - Polled with Regular Survey's

We enjoy the opportunity to explain what makes our company different. It starts with great customer service and an attitude that Sklar Technology will always be easy to do business with. We go the extra mile and never point fingers. We are always accountable. Our staff knows that we are a customer service company that happens to provide technology services. It is simply a different way of delivering service which takes the arrogance out IT.

A right sized IT partnership

Knowing who you are, and who you best serve, is very important in our business. Too often technology vendors take on business outside their capacity. Sklar Technology provides support to the small business market, a demographic we define as customers with ten to one hundred employees.

Deep-over-broad technical expertise, by design

In our business, you just cannot know it all. At Sklar Technology we understand this and have structured our company to deliver a standardized service plan. Limiting our services to be masters rather than generalists without compromising our value to you. What does this mean to you? Profound expertise delivered by subject matter experts. All accounts have access to best and brightest resources, brought into the account as needed. So if you need a specific project, it will be done by an expert, not someone learning as they go.

Customized Partnerships

Our agreements are not one-size fits all. We structure our contracts based on your requirements and business objectives discovered during our Risks Assessment process. Varying aspects of our IT Services team, Helpdesk, consulting group, and data center solutions are blended to give you a solution which makes sense for your organization.

How Are We Different From Other IT Providers?

An Amazing IT Experience...

  • Vendor Management - Relieving Your Burdens

  • Security Awareness Testing & Training

  • Rapid Replacement Hardware Program

  • IT Standardization

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment

  • Private Cloud Bundled With High Speed Internet 

  • Executive Level Discussions - Digital Asset Focused

  • A Winning Culture - We Live and Breath Our Core Values (Check them out here)

  • Dedicated Virtual CISO 
    (Chief Information Security Officer)


  • Business Stability - Serving Since 1982

  • Continuous Client Feedback Scoring To Constantly Improve Our Service And Keep You Happy