• Randy Sklar

3 Killer Teambuilding Activities

A tight-knit team benefits every business, regardless of size or industry. Every one of your employees is working toward a common goal, so a sense of camaraderie is crucial. As a leader, bringing your team together is one of the best investments you can make. What’s even better is that you don’t need to take everyone to Cancun to build real connections. Here are a few activities that will delight your staff without crushing your budget.

Back-to-Back Drawing

Team communication is vital to an effective workplace, so why not have a little fun testing that skill? Break your staff into groups of two, or do it by department if you have a larger workforce. Each pair sits back to back, and one is given an image to describe to their partner, but they cannot just say what the image is. The other partner has to try to replicate the image, and whoever comes closest wins.

Egg Drop Contest

You may have done this in high-school physics class, but you’d be shocked at how well it tests creative problem solving in your office. Give each team (you can decide the numbers) an egg and a time limit to create a contraption that will allow the egg to survive an eight-foot drop. You can provide materials if you’d like or force them to make due with whatever’s laying around. Not only will teams have to work together to create a novel solution, they’ll have the satisfaction of seeing their work put to the test.

Top 5 Anything

Introducing a new employee to your group can be a challenge. “What’s your name?”, “Where are you from?”, and the like are boring and don’t really let someone express themselves. A great way to let a new employee share a passion or interest is to simply ask them to share their top five favorites from a category of their choosing. An avid reader might choose top five novels, and a home cook their top five favorite dishes. The great thing about this activity is that gives an employee the freedom to talk about something they love, while also letting the group get to know them.

Sure, everyone loves a free lunch and a chance to escape the office for a few hours. But these team-building activities, which require no travel at all, can be even more rewarding.

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