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Do You Have A Dream Client...?

Who likes listening to the radio? During your morning commute, do you really want to spend your time hearing washed-up DJs, songs you don’t care for, and the same six ads over and over again? You’re trapped in the car at least twice a day, so make that time worthwhile. Listen to something useful, like Russell Brunson’s podcast “Marketing Secrets.”

An expert in sales funnels and marketing strategy, Brunson has authored several books meant to help entrepreneurs in any field advance their business. Of course, you can’t read while at the wheel, so this is where “Marketing Secrets” comes in.

Most of Brunson’s episodes last about 10-15 minutes, perfect to pass the time during your commute. However, if you aren’t ready to commit to the podcast, we recommend checking out just a taste of what “Marketing Secrets” offers. In episode 26, “Secret #26: Creating Your Perfect Listener or Customer Avatar,” Brunson shares the best piece of advice he got from John Lee Dumas, the man behind “Entrepreneurs on Fire.”

Get more specific on who you customer avatar is.

Dumas talked specifically about creating the perfect listener when starting a podcast, but as Brunson points out, his advice perfectly captures how to — and why you should — create a customer avatar. Your ideal client shouldn’t be “a business owner.” Dumas describes his perfect listener as “Jimmy” and can outline exactly who this person is in detail.

• Jimmy is 37 years old.

• He has a wife and two kids, ages 3 and 5.

• He drives 25 minutes to work by himself.

• He goes to a cubicle at a job he hates for nine hours.

• He has a 35-minute commute home. • He has dinner with his family every night. • Jimmy often asks himself, “Why do I spend 90 percent of my waking hours doing things that I don’t enjoy doing and only 10 percent of my waking hours doing things that I love?”

This sounds like an excessive amount of detail for a person who doesn’t exist, but by identifying the person who needs your product, service, or podcast the most, you can make decisions about how to attract that person to your business. Where do they hang out? What kind of ads work best on them? What will make your Jimmy choose you over someone else?

How you can start to focus your marketing on one avatar instead of just to the masses:

This episode of “Marketing Secrets” is only about eight minutes long, but it is full of valuable information. You can listen to the episode yourself at marketingsecrets.com/secret-26-creating-your-perfect-listener-or-customer-avatar/, or you can find it on iTunes and download the episode in preparation for your next drive.

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