• Randy Sklar

The Secret Behind How Your Smartphone Is Reading Your Mind.

Have you ever been browsing through social media on your phone when an ad pops up for a product you recently considered? Isn’t that just odd and maybe even plain creepy? The reason may be a bit more straightforward — though no less unsettling — than you think. Your phone isn’t actually able to see the inner workings of your consciousness, but it does utilize data collection and distribution.

Your Apps Are Working Together To Take You Down.

The truth is that your apps connect with one another, forming a technological hive mind in your phone. Information and data that you place in one app is automatically shared with all the others. This intelligence can be as trivial as the cute cat videos you watched last week or as sensitive as the salary information you plugged into your budget app. The breach of privacy doesn’t stop there. Companies can even pass around data such as where you go, who you interact with, and details of your social media activity.

Businesses Are Taking Advantage Of This Information.

By using intelligence about aspects of your life, companies often use a strategy called “target advertising.” This type of marketing will, as the name implies, target you based on who you’ve interacted with or what you’ve searched. For example, if you aimlessly clicked on a picture of a friend’s new apartment complex, you will likely begin seeing Facebook ads for housing specifically located in areas you frequent.

At this point, you might be in a rage, internally shouting, “I didn’t give them permission to do that!” And you’re right. You didn’t give them permission to collect and spread data about you, but unfortunately, it happened anyway. By giving one app the okay to use certain information, the rest seem to have taken the liberty of following suit.

Disconnect Or Embrace It...

Escaping the clutches of these data collectors may seem rather daunting. If you’re feeling disheartened by this information, maybe it’s time for a media cleanse. You can delete your social media accounts or just take a mini vacation from using them. Or perhaps the best way to handle target marketing is just to lean into it. You may end up appreciating the easy access it gives you to products you need. And maybe those housing ads will lead you to an affordable apartment in an area you love. No matter your take on target marketing, it seems the only aspect we can control is our response to it.

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