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The Truth About Why Your Sales Team Is Struggling...

In this age of inbound marketing, content marketing, and social media, the way businesses attract prospective customers has changed. The number of tools entrepreneurs have at their disposal has grown. But even though there are shiny new toys to play with, we can’t afford to ignore tried-and-true methods. Many companies have attempted to completely replace their sales strategies with marketing plans and experienced disastrous results.

Sales and marketing are not “either/or” fields. They can and should be used together in order to achieve success. Not convinced? Then consider the fact that HubSpot, the king of inbound marketing, has an outbound sales team. They even make cold calls! If you’re still treating your sales team like an endangered species, you need to pick up Amazon’s #3 top-ranked sales book of all time: “New Sales. Simplified.: The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development” by Mike Weinberg.

Don't Let Your Salespeople Babysit, Keep Them Hungry To Find New Business.

There are numerous reasons sales fall short. Sometimes it’s because companies make sales take a backseat to marketing. Other times, it’s because the sales team itself isn’t living up to its own responsibilities. “Salespeople fail at new business development because they spend very little time trying to sell or pick up new business,” says Weinberg. “Instead of hunting for new customers, they babysit existing customers … no one defaults to prospecting mode.”

Customer retention is important, but that should be the responsibility of the customer retention team, not the sales team.

There are plenty of other reasons why your sales plans keep crumbling. In fact, there are 15 of them! Weinberg covers each one, holding up a mirror to reveal the unflattering truth about your sales mistakes. But he’s not in the business of kicking you when you’re down. Weinberg offers advice for what you must do to get sales right. Some strategies are simple — like urging sales reps to make time in their calendars for business development activities or perfecting a proactive phone call. Other improvements demand an overhaul of the way sales reps view their customer interactions. He never said it would be easy, but Weinberg’s strategies can show you how to bring your sales back from the brink.

Add This Book To Your Summer Reading List!

Inbound marketing, social media, permission marketing, and the like are all useful, but they should not be the only tools in your toolbox. “

New Sales. Simplified.” is the book to help your sales strategies succeed in the summer of 2018 and beyond.

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