• Randy Sklar

How To Attract Your Dream Client Using 4 Simple Dating Techniques...

I am a unicorn.

No, I don’t mean I have suddenly grown a magical horn from my forehead. I mean that I am a unicorn in the realm of business. To some of the vendors I work with, my needs make me their ideal customer — a unicorn, as I like to say. Finding your unicorn is hard, no matter what industry you’re in. But I’ve learned there are some strategies business owners can implement to attract your perfect customers, and they’re a lot like the rules of dating.

Don’t Propose on the First Date

Since redoing my website, I’ve had a few people ask for my advice on redoing their own company websites. The first thing I do is ask them what they want the website to do. Their response is never reassuring.

“I want my website to bring people to my business,” they’ll tell me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This is not what your website is for. The primary function of a website is to give your business some degree of credibility. Prospective clients will look you up online, and if they don’t find an attractive, trustworthy website, they’ll assume you’re a scam and bail. Even if they do like your website, you can’t expect much more if you don’t do the work. Assuming your website will automatically turn prospects into customers is like proposing to someone on your first date and thinking you’re not going to get a drink tossed in your face.

Stop Looking for a Silver Bullet

Businesses do need websites, but don’t expect your website to do all the work. The website should be one piece of multistep marketing that includes things like clickfunnels, podcasts, and newsletters. The many parts in multistep marketing allow you to flirt with, and woo, potential “unicorns.” In business, just like in dating, there are no silver bullets guaranteed to seal the deal on your first meeting. Sure, you can try tequila and end up in a Vegas chapel, but a good deal doesn’t come with regrets and a hangover.

Create (and Maintain) Business Value If you were seeing someone and they suddenly moved away, driving two hours to see them once a week would be pretty annoying. But if on one date, they treated you to a fancy dinner and dancing with a fireworks show, it might make the longer drive worth it. However, if you drove two hours, and all they wanted to do was sit around watching reruns of “Seinfeld” every week, you might decide it’s time to call it quits.

A big mistake I’ve seen many businesses make as of late is increasing their prices without adding more value. Customers will always be frustrated when prices rise, but if you can offset it by offering something worthwhile in return, they might not dump you. It’s like how Netflix keeps raising their prices, but then they turn around and make “Stranger Things” or add interesting documentaries to your queue. This extra value doesn’t have to cost you a lot; think free ebooks on relevant topics, webinars so they can get more education, or extra features for a product they already use.

Where’s My Unicorn? The last rule of business and dating is to practice patience. Just because you met someone amazing and think they’re your perfect fit doesn’t mean you can rush right in. Play it cool and pay attention to the choices you make, because if you don’t make a point to build your business and create the value that attracts the right kind of “unicorns,” you could end up with a series of nightmare customers. And anyone who’s ever had an ex who doesn’t know when to quit knows how bad a nightmare customer can be.

Thanks for reading,

Randy Sklar

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