• Randy Sklar

Is Your Password Leaving The Front Door Open To Your Businesses Secrets?

A bad password is a greater threat to your business than almost any virus. Hackers today rely on social engineering to attack your business, meaning they target your people, not your firewalls. The security firm Preempt found 19 percent of professionals use “poor quality passwords,” making their accounts easy to compromise. This sounds like a small number, but it means if you have just 10 employees, two of them have accounts a hacker can easily break into. Here are some basic password management tips your company should follow.

PASSWORD For heaven’s sake, do not use “password” as your password! And yes, this includes “clever” variations like “p@ssword” or “pa55w0rd.” These are so common, “password” is the first thing hackers and bots try when attempting to break into your accounts.

DATE OF BIRTH It doesn’t take much research to find someone’s date of birth on the internet these days. Even if you never list it on your social media accounts, all your Facebook friends leaving happy birthday posts on your wall can give it away.

SIMPLE WORDS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR BUSINESS If you are a sporting goods store, do not use “basketball1” “footb@ll” or “t3nn1s” as your password. This goes for using the CEO’s name, the business name, or any of your core values. They might be easy for employees to remember, but they are pretty obvious to cybercriminals.

ANYTHING ON THE “WORST PASSWORDS” LIST Every December, the software company SplashData compiles a list of the 100 most common and terrible passwords of the previous year. Since this list is available online for all to view, you don’t want to use any passwords on it. Check out these bad choices at Teamsid.com/worst passwords-2017-full-list/. Just a heads up — some of the passwords are pretty inappropriate, which just shows vulgarity will not protect you from hackers.

As you may have noticed, passwords that are the easiest to remember are also the worst options. But if your password is too hard to remember, you end up resetting it every time you log in. Utilize password vault services to solve this problem. You can create strong, unique passwords for every account, but only have to remember one master password. We recommend checking out the services offered at LastPass.com to help keep your company safe from bad passwords.

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