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How Speaking Like A 4th Grader Wins Elections And Closes Deals...

The most successful people know how to sell. Sometimes they need to sell their business to prospective clients; other times they need to sell themselves or their ideals. Being able to sell yourself or pitch ideas is about more than being confident. When it comes to pitching something, the key is to speak the same language as your audience.

The human brain has evolved drastically over the millennia. It evolved from the old brain, or “crocodile brain,” which developed to process fight or flight responses, to the neocortex, our higher brain that allows us to process complex thoughts and conquer the world. As Oren Klaff, author of the celebrated sales book “Pitch Anything,” points out, when we present our ideas and try to sell something, we use our neocortex. Unfortunately, when someone attends a presentation, they listen with their “croc” brain.

It’s the croc brain that decides whether your audience cares about what you’re selling or whether they’ve forgotten what you’ve said two seconds later. According to Klaff, no matter how intelligent your audience is, if you want to get them on your side, you need to act like you are pitching to a crowd of cavemen. No, Klaff isn’t suggesting you talk down to your audience. Instead, you need to learn how to frame your pitch in such a way that your message fulfills these three requirements.

Simple — The croc brain isn’t designed to follow complex information. It’s meant to make quick, snap decisions. Run or fight? Good or bad? Yes or no? Your message needs to be simple so it can be processed quickly.

Emotional — When appealing to the croc brain, Klaff suggests you “drive emotions with intrigue pings,” which are short pieces of information that spark your audience’s curiosity so they don’t forget about it. Use interest, excitement, or fear to make your pitch memorable.

Elevated — We naturally listen to people we respect. The croc brain will follow the person on top because that person offers the best chance for survival. If you want your audience to pay attention the moment you walk into a room, you need to elevate your social standing. Become an expert.

This is just the first step in an innovative sales strategy that Klaff has used to earn over $400 million for his clients. It doesn’t matter how good you are at selling yourself or your company, everyone can be better. “Pitch Anything” offers a new strategy that can help you improve your skills, present more memorable information, and close the deal almost every time.

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