• Randy Sklar

Are You Using Your Exposed Facebook Password To Access Your Bank Account?

How many accounts to you log into each day?

Are you still using your exposed Facebook password to access your bank accounts?

Between business and personal email, social media accounts, banking, work software, entertainment services, and online shopping, experts estimate we have at least 27 different accounts that require passwords to access. Unfortunately, most people only have around 6 different passwords they use regularly.

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Using weak passwords or relying on the same passwords again and again makes it easy for hackers to break into your accounts and steal sensitive data. We’ve come up with a simple solution to protect all your accounts with unique, sophisticated passwords you won’t forget. Visit Demo.Sklartech.com.

Are your passwords secure? Think again!

The security firm Preempt that found 19 percent of professionals use “poor quality passwords” leaving their accounts easy to compromise. Using your birthday or your kid’s name as a password? You might as well put a welcome mat out front. You wouldn’t protect your home with a doorstop. Why are you leaving your personal accounts unprotected?

Randy’s live demo can show you how to upgrade from a doorstep to a real security system. Get started by visiting Demo.Sklartech.com.

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PS. Click here to watch the video of how to hacker-proof all your passwords.