• Randy Sklar

5 Quality Gift Ideas That Will Knock The Socks Off Santa Himself!

I love the holidays, partially because I am great at buying gifts. It’s a matter of pride, which is why I roll my eyes when I see the ridiculous offerings my friend Brad brings to our annual white elephant gift exchange. From nose hair trimmers to little plastic bears that roar when you fire a toy gun, he always manages to find the worst possible “gift.” I’m not sure if this is some twisted humor or if he’s just really bad at buying gifts.

In honor of Brad’s terrible gift-giving, each winter I like to bring you some examples of excellent gifts. If you need some tips for your holiday shopping, consider a few of these quality items...

Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

I’m a coffee aficionado, always looking for better ways to enjoy my morning brew. Great coffee takes a little extra time, and the Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker gives fresh coffee grounds time to bloom, releasing the best flavors as you pour the hot water by hand. The grounds are evenly soaked and you get to enjoy the most flavorful coffee of your life. This glass coffeemaker even looks like a piece of art. When you pair it with the Chemex filters, it becomes essential for your 3 p.m. coffee fix.

Hestra Winter Mittens

My son got the Hestra ski gloves not long ago, but even with the army-grade gloves, his fingers were still getting cold. This is because it doesn’t matter how impressive the gloves are, when your fingers are separated, your hands get cold. Here’s where the mitten comes in. Your thumb is free to move, but your fingers remain snugly bundled together, keeping your hands nice and toasty. Plus, Hestra gloves and mittens use top-of-the-line materials you can trust while skiing down a mountain.

KMC 6-Outlet Surge Protector

A surge protector isn’t flashy, but anyone who receives this gift will wonder how they managed to live without it. This particular surge protector has three outlets lining both sides and two USB ports right in the front. The surge protector also has two tiny shelves built in that you can rest your smartphone on while it’s charging. This is really handy when you’re traveling with family. No more fighting over limited hotel outlets! And the whole thing is so small that you can fit it in your carry-on.

Tumi Alpha 2 Suitcase

Did you know you could love your luggage? I didn’t. Not until I got the Tumi Alpha 2 International Carry-On. This suitcase is amazing. The quality of it cannot be overstated. It rolls super nicely, the zipper pockets are easily accessible, a suit bag can fit perfectly inside, and everything stays in place. It’s like a work of art. I loved this bag so much that I also got the hangers, which snap easily inside the bag, and the Tumi Alpha Bravo Slim laptop bag. These bags really change the way you travel.

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Watch

A holiday gift list isn’t complete without some technology. This year, I’m singing the praises of the Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire watch. If you want an amazing piece of technology, Garmin has you covered. This smartwatch has everything. It syncs to your phone, monitors your vitals, offers breathing exercises when you’re stressed out, and has a crazy-long battery life. I also hear that it’s pretty handy on the golf course. Best of all, it looks cool.

These are just a few of my favorite gift suggestions from the past year and, as always, they’re available on Amazon for those who don’t want to deal with the mall crowds. I hope these suggestions help you find the perfect gift this holiday season. Let’s be honest — no one should have to unwrap a nose hair trimmer.

Happy Holidays! Randy Sklar, CEO

PS. A password vault is also a great gift. It adds more security and convenience to your everyday routines, which that alone is more valuable than half the gifts you will receive. Click below to see a demo of how I get the most out of my password vault.