• Randy Sklar

3 Proven Out-Of-The-Box Marketing Strategies That You Should Be Testing, Today...

Marketing is hard. If anyone could do it, there wouldn’t be a hundred self-help books claiming to hold the secret to marketing success. Fortunately, we have the answers you seek! Or, at least, we have one very good piece of advice you can’t ignore. Here are a few examples of excellent direct mail marketing. See if you can guess what they have in common.

Precrumpled for Your Convenience Here’s a piece of direct mail we received at our office that we were pretty impressed with. A company that specializes in custom shirts sent Randy a sales letter and some fabric swatches. The letter itself was wrinkled up, and the eye-catching header read, “In order to save you time, we have precrumpled this paper to make it easier to throw away. Before you toss it, please use the extra seconds we have saved you to read about our offer.”

Talk about a great hook.

LavOnline’s Tomato Splat LavOnline is an Italian-based laundry company. Eager to boost their business, LavOnline cultivated a list of 1,000 prospective clients and sent them each a small box with a tomato-shaped stress ball inside. The box unfolded into the shape of a white T-shirt, and recipients were invited to “splat” the tomato onto the shirt. The delightful, interactive ad worked wonders. Thirty-two percent of the target customers signed up, and LavOnline’s website saw a 15 percent increase in traffic overall.

Earth Hour’s Candle Box Every year, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) organizes Earth Hours. This massive event aims to make people more aware of their energy use by turning off their lights for one hour. To encourage large companies to participate, the WWF sent yellow candles to several CEOs in 2010. The candles came in a box that looked like a tall office building with silhouettes of people in the windows. When the yellow candle was removed, it looked like the lights in the “building” were being turned off, floor by floor. The campaign was so memorable, corporate support for Earth Hour rose 260 percent that year.

These are just a few examples of successful direct mail marketing campaigns, but the lesson can be implemented across all platforms: Don’t be boring. It doesn’t matter if you are using email, billboards, or Google AdWords. You aren’t the only person trying to get your clients’ attention, so make sure you’re the most memorable.

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