• Randy Sklar

The Most Important App You Never Think About...

Web browsers seem pretty cut and dried, depending on the technology you prefer. Android users have Google Chrome, Apple loyalists use Safari, and your nephew with his weird computer from Ukraine uses something called Tor. But here’s the reality: The browser you use shouldn’t be influenced by your technology. You should choose your browser based on what you need it to do. Here are some things to consider when you are choosing a web browser.


Tired of faceless companies collecting data on you? While Chrome gives you the ability to adjust privacy settings, other browsers put privacy at the forefront of their systems. Tor is a browser beloved by the antisurveillance movement; it’s able to obscure your IP address and hide your physical location. Other browsers are less intense but equally useful. Opera has a built-in, unlimited-VPN tool, and Firefox’s Tracking Protection feature prevents websites from tracking your online habits.


If your browser customization begins and ends with a Google Chrome theme, then prepare to be amazed. Browsers like Firefox or Vivaldi let you customize the toolbars and drop-down screens, add a sidebar for faster navigation, and truly control your browsing experience. Firefox, specifically, also uses 30 percent less RAM than Chrome, which is great if you’re worried about the speed of your computer.


If you use a lot of Google apps every day, like Gmail or Google Calendars, Chrome might really be your best option. It’s no surprise that Google apps tend to run better on Chrome than they do on any other browser. Meanwhile, if you access a lot of multimedia while online, the extensions for gaming and music found on Torch Browser might be just what you’re looking for.

There are a ton of different web browsers available, and the one you should use depends entirely on your unique browsing habits. Switching to a new browser is easier than you might think, so take some time to see what options are available. It might make the time you spend on the internet far more enjoyable.

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Randy Sklar, CEO

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