• Randy Sklar

How To Guarantee Your Message Is Heard By Your Dream Audience...

A few weeks ago, I was down in New Orleans for a mastermind group when a guy told me he spent $2,500 a month on SEO marketing. He insisted this process worked, because he got two leads from it in the previous weeks. When I asked if they were good leads, he shook his head and said, “No, they were total junk.” That doesn’t sound like something that works to me!

I told him he needed to ditch that and make a list in order to stop wandering aimlessly and go after the clients he wants. This guy told me he couldn’t do that, which wasn’t surprising. A lot of business owners are intimidated by this idea of making a list. They don’t know where to start! This month, I want to show you how easy it really is to build and use a quality list.

3 Steps to a Great List

You could build a list with services like Salesgenie, but I don’t recommend it. For one, they’re usually only 70 percent accurate. You want to have control over who you are reaching out to, and for that, you need to build your own list. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. Here are three ways I build mine:

Network How many business cards do you get at a networking event or golf tournament? Do they all just end up in a desk drawer? When you get a card from someone you want to work with, put them on your list!

Pound the Pavement Sometimes I’ll be driving around in my truck, and I’ll see a really nice office building. I’ll Google the company later, and if they’d make a good prospect, I add them to my mailing list for my newsletter. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Join the Chamber of Commerce Join the Virginia Council of CEOs. These are respected organizations that put you in touch with other business owners and provide a directory of their members. Get access to that directory, and start putting names on your list.

Great! Now What Do I Do?

Once you have your list, you actually need to do something with it. Those names are worthless unless you make them part of your marketing strategy. Here’s a quick overview of simple ways to put your list into action.

Test With a Postcard Before you launch a big campaign, determine which addresses on your list are good or bad. Make this step simple, and work with a company like Vistaprint to send out some postcards. Pull any bad addresses or opt-outs from your list, and focus your efforts on quality leads.

Mail Your Newsletter I’ve been doing this newsletter for over two years, and it’s proven to be the best way to keep quality leads warm until they’re ready to convert and keep in touch with current clients. Plus, when I add new people to my list, it’s easy to start mailing them my newsletter that month. Trust me, when you’ve put the time into building a great list, you don’t want it to go cold. You can learn the tricks to getting a newsletter like mine out every month at Bit.ly/MakeMyNewsletter.

Send Out Invitations to Your Next Event I wholeheartedly believe that holding events is essential to a successful marketing plan. Hosting a great event puts you in the same room as your hottest leads. I recommend hosting a free informational event, complete with dinner and a call to action. This is where the time and money you’ve invested in building your list can really pay off.

Russell Brunson, CEO of ClickFunnels, has called lists “your company’s greatest asset.” It doesn’t take much to build this quality asset, so why would you miss out on it?

Thanks for reading,

Randy Sklar, CEO

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