• Randy Sklar

3 Growth Hack News Feeds That Will Help Catapult Your Business In 2019...

The news is a mess. In the age of technology, every update is treated like breaking news. Trying to listen to every broadcast or read every article is a fool’s errand, but for business owners, staying ignorant isn’t an option. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution, and it’s waiting in your inbox. Daily news feeds grant you the ability to get caught up with important events without listening to reporters yell at each other. Here are a few of the best daily news feeds you can have delivered right to you today.

Richmond BizSense

Do you run a company in or around Richmond, Virginia? Then you need to be keeping up with Richmond BizSense. Staying up-to-date on global news is important, but most businesses have local clients. You need to keep informed about what’s going on in your community. The Richmond BizSense website covers everything from marketing and education to retail. After reading up on the local real estate report, you can even check out what’s new in Richmond’s brewery scene. Get in touch with your community at RichmondBizSense.com, where you can subscribe to their free newsletter, “The Daily News Feed.”

“Morning Brew”

The “Morning Brew” offers readers the opportunity to “become smarter in just five minutes.” Do they deliver? It’s hard to say, but by featuring the latest from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, you’ll certainly be more informed in just five minutes. This news feed will also help save you time, as each story is condensed to the most important information. Become an expert on the latest news before you finish your coffee at MorningBrew.com.

Forbes’ “The Daily Dozen”

The Daily Dozen is best suited for readers who already get news from Forbes, want to save time, and skip digging through their many channels. Caroline Howard, director of editorial operations for Forbes, says “The Daily Dozen” is “a direct window into the stories that matter most to our audience and is the latest entrant in our growing portfolio of newsletters.” Check it out at Bit.ly/ForbesDailyDozen.

Nobody wants to end up on another email list, but daily news feeds offer more than dog food coupons you’ll never use. There are plenty of news feeds available, so why not look around for one that reports on what’s most important to you? It’s better than getting your news through Facebook.

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