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Change Your Passwords NOW! A 773,000,000 Password Mega-Breach Was Just Discovered...

Updated: Jun 1

Change Your Passwords NOW!

A 773,000,000 Password Mega-Breach Was Just Discovered...

Security experts stumbled across gigabytes of stolen emails and passwords recently on the dark web. It is just a portion of a much larger jackpot of passwords being sold by a shadowy character online.

Here's a screen shot of the seller offerings...

One of the big security news platforms contacted "Sanixer" via the Telegram name given to find out more about the origins of the collections. His reply is quite amusing... Collection #1 consists of data pulled from a huge number of hacked sites, and was not exactly his “freshest” offering. Rather, he sort of steered them away from that archive, suggesting that — unlike most of his other wares — Collection #1 was older.

A core reason so many accounts get compromised is that far too many people have the nasty habit(s) of choosing poor passwords, re-using passwords and email addresses across multiple sites, and not taking advantage of multi-factor authentication options when they are available. Thanks for reading,

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