• Randy Sklar

3 “Health” Foods You Need to Stop Eating...

It’s that time of day again. Two o’clock rolls around and suddenly it’s snack time. Fortunately, studies show that enjoying a light afternoon snack can be good for your health — so long at that snack is healthy. Unfortunately, misleading marketing causes many of us to make food choices that are still bad for our health. Here are a few so-called “healthy” foods to avoid at the grocery store.

Dried Fruit Right out the gate, here’s a “healthy” snack that’s extremely misleading. With their vitamins, minerals, and fiber, fruits are a great snack. If you’re craving something sweet, fresh fruit is much better than a vending machine candy bar. However, store-bought dried fruits are a different story. Dried fruits often have high calories and more sugar than fresh fruit. For example, a dried prune contains 32.5% sugar.

Real healthy alternative: If you want to avoid seeing your fruits go bad, opt for frozen fruit instead.

Microwave Popcorn Sometimes, you just want something with a little crunch. Processed corn chips offer almost no nutritional value, so health-conscious snackers often turn to popcorn instead. Unfortunately, microwave popcorn is a health food nightmare. High in both sodium and saturated fat, microwave popcorn bags can also contain a class of chemical called perfluoroalkyl, which some studies have connected to impaired kidney function.

Real healthy alternative: If you just can’t say no to popcorn, buy corn kernels and pop them yourself in some coconut oil.

Flavored Nuts Unless you have an allergy, nuts are really good for you. Almonds, cashews, pistachios, and almost any other nut contains tons of proteins and healthy fats. But if you want to spice — or sweeten — up your snacking with flavored nuts, you’ll end up with a lot of sugar and salt in a single handful. An ounce of maple cashews has around 10g of fat and 11g of sugar. And if you want something spicy, be warned: A single ounce of Blue Diamond’s Sriracha almonds has 15g of fat and 120mg of sodium.

Real healthy alternative: Skip the flavoring and stick with raw nuts.

There’s nothing wrong with a quick snack. Just make sure to read the nutritional facts before patting yourself on the back for your healthy choices.

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Randy Sklar

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