• Randy Sklar

6 Perfect Gift Ideas For The Person Who Is Impossible-To-Shop-For!

I win at the holidays.

Not because I get the best gifts — to be honest, I’m pretty hard to shop for. If there’s something I want, I usually get it for myself.

No, I win at the holidays because I give the best gifts. It’s a point of pride for me. Even when my friends get together for white elephant gift swaps, I always try to bring the gift that everyone’s going to fight over. This is the opposite of my friend Brad, who always brings nose hair trimmers or plastic bears that roar when you shoot them with a toy gun.

If your gifts have ever been met with a less-than-enthusiastic expression, I have bad news for you: You might be a Brad. But the good news is that I have plenty of gift ideas to help you win this holiday season.

Whiskey Barrel Lid This might raise a few eyebrows, but hear me out. This is a gift for your friend who would love to make — or drink — the perfect Old-Fashioned. Aged whiskey barrel lids are great for smoking a cocktail glass, which adds layers of dryness to the drink. Basically, you set the lid on fire, then quickly smother the fire by turning a chilled glass upside down over the small flames. When the fire dies, the smoke will cling to the sides of the glass. Once the smoke dissipates, you’re ready to drink the best Old-Fashioned you’ve ever had. Go the extra mile and throw in Woodford Reserve orange bitters, Woodford Reserve bourbon cherries, and Samuelworld large ice cube tray for the ultimate Old Fashioned gift set.

Asobu Cold Brew Insulated Portable Brewer Not into cocktails? Then help your friends step up their cold brew game. The Asobu portable brewer lets you enjoy fresh cold brew coffee wherever you are. It’s a great gift for someone who travels often for work. Just make sure they have good coffee beans with them. That’s the real secret to an excellent cold brew.

Onnit Instant Melatonin Spray We all have that friend or family member who never seems to get enough sleep. No matter how early they go to bed, they still spend hours tossing and turning, just trying to fall asleep. There are a lot of reasons why someone might struggle with sleep, but I’ve found that a good melatonin spray really helps. Melatonin is the hormone your body produces when it’s time to sleep. This spray comes in a refreshing mint flavor that the body can absorb quickly to help get to sleep.

Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer If you’re shopping for someone who likes cream in their coffee, Laird’s Superfood Coffee Creamer is a great alternative. This is a plant-based creamer with no sugar additives or artificial ingredients that offers a great serving of healthy minerals. This creamer is a great way to start the day with good fatty oils. I buy this for my team at work, and we all really enjoy it. There are plenty of flavors to choose from, but I recommend turmeric for a start.

Traeger BBQ Sauce and Spice Rub I’ve gotten really into grilling and smoking meat recently. One thing I’ve learned is that your rub and spices really do make all the difference. I got a Traeger grill and it worked so well that I went ahead and got the Traeger brand barbecue sauce. That stuff is fantastic! It’s a great option to drop in the stocking of your favorite grill master.

Scribd If you haven’t gotten into audiobooks yet, you should. Listening to “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins is a much better way to spend a commute than listening to overplayed songs and radio DJs ramble on and on. Audible has the audiobook market cornered, but trust me, Scribd is better. This is a digital reading subscription. For just $9 a month, you can get access to 40 million titles, including audiobooks, e-books, and magazines. To be honest, this one is a gift for yourself. But after finding so many great gifts for everyone else, you’ve earned it!

There you have it! The best gifts for 2019. The best part is, you can skip the crowds because these are all available on Amazon.

Happy holidays!

Thanks for reading,

Randy Sklar

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