• Randy Sklar

The One Idea That Gave Sklar The Greatest Success In 2019... And You'll Never Guess It.

The terrifying trust fall.

The awkward human knot.

The dreaded karaoke night.

Let’s face it, team-building activities kind of suck. They’re awkward, uncomfortable, and often feel like a total waste of time. Most of us would rather work mandatory overtime than be forced to hear our tipsy coworker’s off-key rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The thing is that teambuilding exercises are important. These activities can improve communication, break down barriers between different departments, teach problemsolving skills, and foster a greater company culture. All these ingredients serve to increase all-around productivity.

Team-building activities are useful; the trick is to find the kind of activity your team will actually enjoy. At Sklar Technology Partners, we’ve adopted a very successful team optimization plan fondly known as “F-Off Fridays” (or FoF).

Come Again? It’s simple. For one Friday each month, we give part of our team permission to, pardon our French, “F-Off.” Here’s how F-Off Friday works:

1. Each quarter, we randomly divide staff into two teams (about five people each). The captains are the first two names drawn.

2. The teams each select one Friday per month — not on the same Friday — to leave the office at noon for their F-Off Friday event.

3. The company provides a $100 budget to spend during the event. Teams can choose almost any event, but it must be a project or activity the whole team can do together. 4. After each FoF, the team who was out presents their results to the rest of the company.

5. Pictures from FoF events are put up on our office corkboard and on the company’s Facebook page.

Since introducing F-Off Fridays, we’ve had fantastic results. Giving teams the freedom to choose their activity means people are more invested in the event. We’ve had teams go to escape rooms, float the river, see a movie together, and even spend the afternoon at an arcade. People always have a lot of fun. It’s clear that team-building activities are worth the effort.

Every company should try F-Off Fridays this year.

Thank you for reading,

Randy Sklar, CEO

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