• Randy Sklar

How To Get New Customers From Your Website...

Everyone has a website these days. Every business you frequent, every artist you hear on the radio, and even your nephew’s podcast has a website! Websites are the first step in letting customers know you’re legitimate. But since everyone has a website, the question becomes “How do you make yours stand out from the rest?” It’s not as hard as you might think. Here are three questions every great website has to answer.

‘Who are you?’

Never assume that people know who you are based on your website name or branding alone. As soon as your webpage loads, it should be abundantly clear who you are and what you offer. This doesn’t mean your company bio should be at the top of your home page. A single sentence should be enough to get this message across.

Example: Lemonade.com

Lemonade Insurance Company’s website opens with “Forget everything you know about insurance.” Visitors don’t know everything about the company just yet, but they know they’re not about to buy beverages.

‘Who is this for?’

Your demographic is obvious to you, but it might not be to anyone else. If you’re a beauty supplier that only serves salons, you don’t want the everyday consumer spending a lot of time on your website only to be disappointed when they can’t order your goods.

Example: SklarTechnology.com

On the Sklar Technology Partners website, we’re very clear about who our services are for: “Serving Richmond’s Elite Businesses Since 1982.”

‘How can I buy?’

Don’t be coy here. If you end up with a customer who likes your pitch and is ready to buy, sign up, or subscribe, don’t make them search around on your website any longer. Your checkout buttons should be attractive and easy to find without being intrusive or distracting.

Example: SimplyChocolate.dk

Every item listed on Simply Chocolate’s website features an “Add to Box” button in a color that matches the chocolate bar’s wrapper. The “box” (shopping cart) is listed clearly at the top corner of the screen at all times. Customs can check out the moment they’re ready.

A website alone won’t close a deal, but it can determine whether or not a customer wants to do business with you at all.

Thanks for reading,

Randy Sklar

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