• Randy Sklar

The Bizarre Headache Cure You Never Knew Existed...

“If you don’t sit straight, you’re going to get a hunchback!”

Heard at every dinner table whenever a child is slouching, this is the anthem of concerned mothers across the United States. It turns out, Mom was right (like always). Bad posture really can have a negative impact on your body. Here are four reasons to be more aware of your posture.

1. Slouching makes it harder to breathe. When you slouch, you restrict the range of motion of your sternum and rib cage. By sitting upright, your sternum can expand fully, making it easier to breathe deeply and get your body the oxygen it needs.

2. Good posture improves circulation and digestion. Slouching compresses your inner abdominal organs. This means your heart is working a little harder and your gastrointestinal apparatus is impaired. Poor posture can contribute to digestive problems, including acid reflux and constipation.

3. Slouching leads to headaches. When you slouch, you force your head to crane forward, creating chronic tension in the muscles of the neck and back. Many headaches are the result of this “tech neck” pose.

4. Good posture is better for your muscles and joints. Think of your body like a building. When you sit upright, everything is aligned and weight is disputed evenly. By slouching, you force more stress on certain parts of your body, like your spine. This leads to muscle pain, overuse disorders, and chronic pain.

“Posture isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about keeping the entire body functioning normally,” says Marilyn Moffat, a professor of physical therapy at New York University. Poor posture is a real threat to our health. Most Americans most of their time sitting, either at their work desks, in their cars, or in front of the TV. Build good posture by sitting up straight and tall, keeping shoulders back, and placing both feet flat on the floor.

While poor posture never forced anyone to move into a bell tower, it’s clear that our posture really impacts our overall health.

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