• Randy Sklar

Facebook Live Interviews - Week of April 27th - May 1st 2020

#1 Selling tips w/ JJ White - Richmond Dale Carnegie

#2 Photography with Adam Lewis

#3 Drinking wine with Jason Tesauro with Barboursville

#4 Ben and Denise Toderico turned a horrible incident into practical ways to discover positivity during any crisis.

Last Wednesday, JJ White and I got a chance to talk about selling in today's economy. It's going to be tough for everyone. Now is the perfect time to brush up on your selling skills, refresh your resume, and call clients to talk through current challenges (reopening, perspectives on how to pivot, etc.).

"We are always trading value for dollars," says JJ. "You got to have a powerful value proposition, or you won't convert new business, period." Take a look at your LinkedIn profile, reconnect with old connections, and keep grinding it out. It's the beginning of the next chapter. Decide what your story will be and go live it! If you aren't excited yet, watch the interview! Then crush it!

Last Friday, I interviewed Adam Lewis, a fantastic local photographer. I'm always excited to see what amazing shots he posts nearly every day. Curbside family photos, landscapes, and even vintage shots that would make you swear they were taken in the 70's. His work has been featured in several magazines. Also, he has helped raise money for families battling childhood cancer. Adam and I have been friends since high school, and now our daughters are buddies. I did my best to pry his photography secrets from his kung fu grip. Check it out!

Thursday evening, I invited Jason Tesauro with Barboursville Vineyards to talk about (and drink) wine! We cracked open one of my favorites! It tasted even better than I remembered. When I had called Jason to fill my empty supply, I saw an opportunity for an interview. I'm glad I did! It turned into one of my favorite live discussions yet! Jason is a sommelier, and he taught me so much about wine during our talk. My power went out at the end of the interview, but that didn't stop us from reconnecting and finishing up strong with a lightning round. Make sure you watch the 2nd part too. Barboursville Vineyard is offering curbside pickup as well as free shipping. Jason will deliver your wine right to your doorstep! We have to support the places we love!

Ben and Denise Toderico shared their story last Friday afternoon.

After interviewing Mark Smith, I asked him who he would recommend me to try to interview next. Without hesitation, he said, "Call Ben." I sent Ben a message, and we set up a phone call so I could learn more. His story blew my mind. Ben said, four years ago, Denise went out for her Sunday run, she's a long-distance runner. After a couple of hours, I knew she had been gone too long, something felt wrong. He called her cell, and it went to voicemail, he immediately knew something happened. He got halfway out of the driveway where an EMT met him. They rushed to the hospital... The incident, not an accident That's where the accident ended, and the incident began. For the past four years, Denise has been recovering from what indeed should have been a game-ender. Clipped from behind by an SUV going 60 mph sending Denise flying 50 feet into a field, the driver fled the scene. What happened after that moment is nothing short of a miracle and amazing. You must watch and listen. What's your positive? WYP Ben and Denise have leveraged the power of positive thinking to help heal Denise from the incident that day. She is already doing things all doctors said she would never do again. Ben and Denise subscribe to the power of positivity to help heal the soul and the body, and it's working. I encourage you to adopt all of their positivity systems into your life. We started using "What's your positive" at our dinner table, and our family Zoom calls. It's powerful!