• Randy Sklar

Randy's Recipe For Business Success

Updated: May 13

I love cooking for people. I’m always trying to make something awesome for my family at home. Cooking a great meal and sharing great recipes are some of the ways I show love. Since I already share some pretty great meal recipes inside my newsletter, this month I want to discuss a different kind of recipe. Based on my experience, here’s my recipe for business success.

• 1 cup of opportunity

• 3 tbsp of the right team

• A dash of the secret ingredient


1. Make your opportunities from scratch.

Some people think they have to wait for opportunities to appear. If you do this, you’ll never be successful. You can’t sit around waiting for convenient opportunities. You have to get out there and make your own opportunities from scratch.

I make my opportunities through marketing. I use the Dream 100 strategy, creating and promoting content though emails and my newsletter in order to find my top 100 dream clients. It’s not easy to find or land you ideal clients. Part of the strategy involves building your list organically. Then I have it all funnel to a live event every six months.

To make those opportunities and find my Dream 100, I offer valuable information people can access by giving us their email address. And when I say valuable, I mean valuable. We provide quality information and strategies that can actually benefit people and their businesses. It’s not cheap stuff they could find on Google or another sales pitch. Making your own opportunities means becoming truly valuable.

2. Mix in the right team.

Some years ago, I had an engineer walk out suddenly to work for someone who was a client at the time. That engineer took two other people with them. Suddenly we found ourselves in a dire situation. Facing a crisis, I got some good advice from my mastermind group and hired a headhunting agency to find some qualified candidates for me. I touched on this last month, when I covered why you want to be your vendor’s favorite client. This month, I want to focus on the people I got.

No successful business is a one-person show. I don’t care how good you are. If the rest of your team isn’t quality, your clients are going to know it, and they’re not going to stick around. Losing those engineers turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to our company. We replaced them with much stronger people who turned out to be a better fit for Sklar Technology Partners. Finally having the right team allowed us to grow more and go farther than we ever could have.

3. Add the Secret Ingredient — Passion

How do you bring a recipe from good to great? You have to cook with love. A meal made with care always tastes better than something someone slapped together and threw onto the plate. Business is the exact same thing. You could be the most experienced and the most talented person in your field, but if you don’t have passion for what you do, it’s going to show. If you’re not passionate about the work you do, why are you even doing it?

This isn’t to say you have to love everything about your job. But there should be something you look forward to doing each day. My passion comes from being able to solve a problem when no one else can. Earlier this year, I got a call from a client who’d canceled their contract four years ago. They’d been hit with a ransomware attack, and the IT company they’d hired had stopped responding to them in the middle of the crisis.

We went down there to take a look. Our team was able to save their data and a bunch of resources when no one else could. We couldn’t put everything back together for them, but these folks were in a lot better shape than they had been that morning. It felt really good to see the relief on their faces. I’m passionate about being able to come in and turn a situation around because we know our stuff.

There you have it! My recipe for success. It all looks so simple and straightforward when it’s written out like this, but it’s not. Like any good recipe, cooking up success means making a mess in the kitchen.

What are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get cooking.

- Randy Sklar

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