• Randy Sklar

Selling Remotely? Don’t Lose Your Personality!

5 Tricks to Enhance Your Charisma on Video

Odds are if you’re a successful salesperson, you’ve cultivated a “sales personality” crucial to closing your deals. However, if you’re used to working face to face, it can be a challenge to translate your charismatic persona to the screen when you need to sell remotely. Video calls are a step in the right direction because they reveal body language and facial expressions, but they’re still not ideal. To make sure your charisma pops, try these handy tricks:

1. Secure a top-quality connection. Nothing kills the mood on a video call faster than a disintegrating picture or crackling audio. That’s why it’s crucial to test your mic, speakers, camera, and platform thoroughly before you use them with clients. If they can’t hear or see you, your personality doesn’t stand a chance.

2. Set your stage. Every sale is a performance. Is there an uncluttered, calming backdrop behind you? Are you the right distance from the audience (the camera)? Does your costume fit the part? When all of these things are done right, your personality will take center stage without unnecessary or annoying distractions.

3. Exaggerate like an actor. According to Psychology Today, posture, gestures, and facial expressions are key to communicating well over video. That means you need to be focused and constantly aware of them. Amp up your positive reactions, like eye contact with the camera, affirmative nods, and leaning in to listen, and tone down your gestures to

avoid smacking a crucial piece of tech.

4. Ask questions and listen actively. A key part of a great sales persona is showing genuine interest in others according to Inc. magazine. When you can’t read the mood of a room, asking questions and listening closely will help you gauge the temperature . A subtle head

tilt and hum of acknowledgment will help you come across as more empathetic and inquisitive.

5. Master the mute button. If your neighbor starts the lawnmower or your dog starts barking, it pays to be a quick-draw on the mute button. Having fewer distractions means your charisma is more likely to shine. With these strategies in your back pocket, your sales mojo will continue flowing, even from a distance. Good luck, and happy videoconferencing!

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