• Randy Sklar

[Special Alert] Yes, Ransomware Can Wipe Out Your Office365 Account

OK, here is something really scary.

There’s a new ransom-cloud attack that will work for any cloud email provider.

A white hat hacker “a good guy” has developed a working “ransom-cloud” strain, which encrypts cloud email accounts like Office 365 in real-time . My first thought was: “Holy $#!+”. It will work with Google if you get the app past their verification process. Outlook365 doesn’t verify the app at this point so it’s much easier.

Lucky for us, this type of ransomware strain is not in the wild… at the moment.

The proof of concept mentioned in the video (below) has been around for a while, but it’s on the horizon, because if a white hat can do this, so can a black hat “a bad guy”. I am wondering why they haven’t already, because it’s not all that hard to do.

This strain uses a smart social engineering tactic to trick the user to give the bad guys access to their cloud email account, with the ruse of a “new Microsoft anti-spam service”.

Once your employee clicks “accept” to use this service,  it’s game over: all email and attachments are encrypted real-time!

(click video to watch)

Remember, always think before you click!