• Randy Sklar

Your meeting attendees are waiting!

Updated: Jun 6

I saw this title in an email, and my heart dropped...

Zoom has quickly become a primary method for communicating. I just got an email saying, "Your meeting attendees are waiting!", something I've seen several times before recently.

I got worried and nearly clicked. It had the name of my participant in the message body, and I recently spoke with this person. We scheduled a Zoom call for Friday. Or wait, was it today?! I left him waiting... oh no, how could I. I'm so lame. Then I double-checked my calendar, and our meeting is tomorrow.

It nearly got me, I almost clicked and fell for it. It's a Zoom phishing scam. I hovered and saw the link went to some other website, not Zoom.

It's like shooting phish in a barrel...

With so many dramatic and high profile issues going on, now is the time to remain on high alert. Remember these 3 keys to prevent getting phished.

  • Hover Before You Click

  • Verify The Sender

  • Unsure? Send the email to the helpdesk.

Here are some other top issues to be particularly aware of.

PPP Notice Changes

Stimulus Updates

George Floyd Protesting & Riots

Phase 2 Updates

And, of course, ZOOOOOOM meetings!

Oh, and... The VIRUS

Stay safe out there,


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