ProTec + Data Center

Core Managed Services + Data Center

Premium Managed IT Services coupled with Data Center Services. All From One Trusted Partner.

Core MSP

Data Center

Sklar Data Center Features​
  • No more server projects or upgrades

  • Continuous backups, stored at 2 locations

  • Scale on the fly, only pay for resources used

  • Fully managed and maintained by Sklar

  • Mobilized Workforce

  • Virtually Hosted Firewalls

  • 24/7 Application and  System Monitoring

  • Redundant Power & Internet connectivity

  • Security Intelligence and FileSafe - built in

  • Ideal for Multi-Location and Highly Mobile Firms

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Case Study

Since 1964, Huntsinger & Jeffer has been an industry leader in creating compelling, efficient targeted marketing for commercial and nonprofit clients.

The Problem

Unstable servers and poor network performance made it difficult for our fast-paced business to keep up with client demands. "It was like we were dragging an anchor around with us. Our IT guys were not able to keep up. Our business tends to be seasonal, so when we are in the heat of the peak, we can't afford IT issues. Power issues and slow internet access were also major problems, and we were advised that was the best solution we could get."

Our Solution


After an assessment and thorough discovery process, Randy and his team identified some significant issues. We work with some large enterprises and concern for their data while we are working with it comes up regularly. We have to fill out compliance forms occasionally; we need to make sure they are accurate. We moved to Sklar's Data Center and connected with a high-speed fiber internet connection. We replaced all of our desktops with laptops so we can work remotely with ease. Everything works great, and if we lose power, we go home and continue to work. IT issues no longer come up in our status meetings, Sklar is very proactive and has been consistently responsive to our requests or detected alerts.

The Outcome

Huntsinger & Jeffer is thriving; we can keep ahead of client demands without the worry of an IT outage. The high-speed internet connection is great because we work with large files. Knowing that we can always access our applications and data gives us peace of mind and confidence when setting deadlines with our clients.

Before we had Sklar, our IT provider seemed to have had no idea how to support our firm. Constant outages, data loss, and disruptive cyber attacks were a regular event. He was challenging and sometimes very rude. When we moved to Sklar, it was like a weight off our shoulders, and immediately everything worked better. We've opened a second location and plan to grow more geographically. We are now excited about the future of our business growth and the stability of our IT systems and applications.
Service: ProTec Core + Data Center + Secure

Comprehensive IT Program

  • IT systems strategy

  • Hardware and software procurement

  • Lifecycle management

  • Installation and employee training

  • Line of business applications management and support

  • Enhanced cyber threat protection, monitoring and reporting

  • Continuous client feedback scoring to improve our service and keep you happy

The Sklar Process

1. Meet with a Sklar Advisor

2. We perform a thorough Assessment

3. We review the results and create a plan for remediation and ongoing services for you

4. IT burdens relieved at last