Security Intelligence

Without detection, you're NOT secure

Are You Comfortable With Your Ability To Detect And Respond To A Cyber Attack?

What does it mean to say "we are secure"? Are your strategies and investments correct?

​Companies in today’s data-driven world know that there are ongoing severe threats and that their intellectual property, proprietary processes, compliance efforts, customer data and even financial records are at risk. Companies that thrive take the necessary steps to protect their business. Sklar has the people, process, and technology to deliver unparalleled security visibility, prevent costly downtime, and achieve and maintain compliant operations at a lower cost to operate.

​Tackle today's relevant threats​ with Sklar's Cyber Security Operations Center Services

​Plug Your Business Into Our Security Operations Center (SOC) and Enjoy All The Benefits Immediately!

Managed Detection & Remediation Services

  • Real-Time Detection on All Devices

  • Reporting For Compliance

  • Rapid Remediation For All events 24/7

  • Monitors All Devices and Operating Systems 

  • Log Management, Correlation and Analysis

  • Behavioral Detection and Analysis

  • Covers Assets On Premise and Data Center

  • Affordable Fixed Fees