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The Smart Small Business Owner’s Answer To The Inevitable Cyber Attack…

January 12, 2018

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3 Must Do's To Prepare Your Systems For Hurricane Florence...

September 10, 2018

Hurricane Florence is rapidly intensifying and poses a serious threat to Richmond's businesses. Prepare for power outages, flooding and any damages the powerful winds can do to your office. Luckily, we have put together a guide to help you prepare for this possible disaster. Here is what our all-star techs recommend doing to ensure your systems stay safe and business keeps running...


3 things you must do:


1. All electronics off the floor

Make sure your servers, desktops and battery backups are off the floor in case of flooding. For anything not battery/surge protected, unplug it from the wall and keep it off the floor before the storm hits. 


2. Make sure your backups are up to date

If Sklar Technology handles your backups, you don't need to worry. For anyone who is manually taking your backups offsite, please remember to do this the day before the storm. You will want to have a good, recent backup on hand if anything is damaged.


3. Have alternate means of communication

Group text is a great idea but if cell service (or if you don’t all have iPhone’s) is out, consider a group in Facebook or Twitter. We use a messaging program called Telegram. Expect an internet outage for your cloud services. Stay in touch with each other and consider utilizing homes as alternate places to meet and continue to work.


If you are in the Sklar Data Center, as long as you have power and an internet connection you are good to go. If you are interested in learning about the advantages of hosting your data in our cloud give you, check out our report>>


Other tips:

Fax lines are susceptible to lightning strikes so unplug fax, modems and credit card machines is possible.


Think before you act. Don’t create a bigger disaster by not thinking things through. Don’t wait until Wednesday.


Have a backup battery for your cell phones.