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Protect Your Company's Online Reputation
Running outdated versions of WordPress, plugins and themes can leave you open to attacks. Version updates often include patches for security issues in the code, so it’s important to always run the latest version of all software installed on your WordPress website.  Our SentryPress hosting system keeps both WordPress core and plugins updated to defend against these attacks.
Protect Your Company's Online Reputation
Our proprietary combination of WordPress defenses will mitigate risk, and give you the comfort of knowing your web site is always being strictly guarded.  Not only does SentryPress defend your website from attacks, it also notifies us when intrusion attempts are made so we can act immediately if additional protection efforts are needed.  Your website security is our #1 priority!
Protect Your Company's Online Reputation
Your website requires regular maintenance just like all your other important digital assets.  Content must be kept updated.  Plugin licensing needs renewing on a timely basis.  SSL certificates need to be renewed and installed annually.  All of this requires diligent attention and SentryPress handles it all for you so you can do what you do best.  Run your business!
Protect Your Company's Online Reputation

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