3 Goals Every Entrepreneur Needs In 2022

By now, you should have an idea of what you want your business to achieve in 2022, but have you considered how you will grow during that year — and the impact that could have on your business? Of ten, entrepreneurs and business leaders take on the identity of their companies, but in order to personally thrive and see their companies take off, they have to grow right alongside it. To do so, consider these goals all entrepreneurs must focus on at some point in their careers.


Goal No. 1: Get a Life

You are more than the company you started. Plus, having hobbies or personal interests outside of your work can help you excel in work. It allows your brain to grow in new ways, sparking fresh ideas and perspectives. Consider activities that you’re interested in learning more about — like painting, podcasting, reading, or running — and get started. Maybe you’ll fail, but just keep trying! You may find a new activity that brings you the joy you need.


Goal No. 2: Save More

Many of the dimes you earn as a business owner go back into the company, but don’t forget to consider your future. Is your retirement plan in order? Do you have a plan should your company need to close? Will your family be secure? Consider these questions and hire a trusted financial advisor who can help you find personal investment success.


Goal No. 3: Meet New People

Becoming inundated by daily, menial tasks can make us miss opportunities. This is where meeting new people can be so valuable! By doing so, you create a network of people who have different experiences than your own. They can help you see beyond your biases and discover a new path. Who knows? You just might find the next great venture for your company!

-Randy Sklar


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