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Fixed Fee Professional Service Options

To Ignite Your Growing Business

ProTec Core

Our core managed services offerings. Designed for companies with limited budgets seeking premium support. Fully-managed IT support for your business.

ProTec + Data Center

Built for growing businesses needing agility. Scalability bundled with our ProTec Core services. Your critical  applications and data securely hosted in a private data center.

ProTec + Secure

For businesses requiring the security of a large enterprise. Scaled-down for small businesses. Enhanced protection bundled into our ProTec Core and our Data Center services.

When You Have Questions -
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Core Managed Services Program

Core Services gives your organization support and solutions to maximize productivity.

​You’ve made technology investments you want to keep. Now you need the expertise to manage, secure, and support it.

Our “Live 2 Rings Or Less” phone policy connects you with our engineers. Giving your team fast service at an affordable fixed fee.

Furthermore, differentiating with periodic assessments. Practical security strategies. And our automated backup and rapid recovery solution.

Providing burden-free confidence to focus on growing your success.


  • IT Infrastructure and Life-cycle Management
  • Unlimited Support
  • Audited Security and Privacy Controls
  • Internet and E-Mail Security
  • Sklar Black Box – Backup & Rapid Recovery
  • 24/7 Security and System Monitoring
  • Live Answer Support Line – 2 Rings Or Less

Protec + Data Center

Secure Private Hosting 

Say Goodbye to Expensive & Unexpected Server Upgrades, Forever

The Cloud describes using other systems to host your information elsewhere.

Data Center puts your information on one platform preventing “cloud complexity.”

We own the equipment and contract with a local data center, Flexential. A facility in Richmond, Va.

Sklar’s Data Center is a private cloud with a local, physical address.

Some organizations must adhere to regulations and industry standards. Leveraging our audit-ready facility and infrastructure, you exceed most requirements.

Combining Affordability, Security, and Availability with Unlimited Computing Power.


  • Eliminate Expensive Server Projects
  • Continuous Backups, Stored at 2 Locations
  • Scale on the Fly, Only Pay for Resources Used
  • Mobilize Your  Workforce
  • 24/7 Monitoring in a Tier 1 Local Data Center
  • Redundant Power & Connectivity
  • Ideal for Multi-Location

ProTec + Secure

Core Managed Services Plus Advanced Security

Are you comfortable you can DETECT a security breach?

An FBI report in the Wall Street Journal states: A typical cyber-attack goes undetected for more than 14 months…

Firewalls, passwords, anti-virus. Protection designed to keep cyber-crooks out. Yet, ransomware attacks on the rise, wire fraud growing, and extortion trending up.

A well-managed security program takes knowledge, experience, and discipline. Security requires real-time detection and response.

In an executive toned report. We show you, what you need to know.

The ONE BIG mistake all businesses make. And the best strategy to combat cyber-crime.

Start building a better IT strategy today!


  • 24/7 Real-Time Detection
  • Rapid Resolution to Detected Threats
  • Dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Regular Security Assessments
  • Certified Engineers
  • Cloud Platform Assessments
  • Executive Reporting


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