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A strong compliance program will prevent damage to your reputation.

Deter costly fines. Eliminating one of the most stressful disruptive events you might ever experience. 

Reversing a negative image could take years of public relations investments.

Consider your key clients, valuable employees, and the communities you serve. 

The initial cost of a breach doesn’t compare to the long-term damage to your companies image.

In most cases, key clients and employees leave organizations they feel they can not trust. 

People join companies and leave leadership teams.

Include a fractional cyber-security expert to your staff.

Take action now!  

Federal Technical Safeguards

Transmission Security

Regulation §164.312(e)(1)


Regulation §164.312(d)

Access Control

Regulation §164.312(a)(1)

Audit Control

Regulation §164.312(b)

Storage Integrity

Regulation §164.312(c)(1)

Missing Just One When Handling ePHI is a HIPAA Violation

Source & Additional Information

Sklar Technology Incorporates These Controls In Our Solutions

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Transmission Security - Regulation §164.312(e)(1)

Explanation: Convert information into a code, called encryption. You want the highest number when it comes to encryption (i.e. 256, 1024, 2048-bit) because the higher the number, the stronger the security.

Authentication - Regulation §164.312(d)

Explanation: Ensures no unauthorized access to devices by a person other than the known, authorized user.​

Access Control - Regulation §164.312(a)(1)

Explanation: Access controls should enable authorized users to access the minimum necessary information needed to perform job functions.

Audit Control - Regulation §164.312(b)

Explanation: You must be able to produce a detailed audit trail of all user access and activity.

Storage Integrity - Regulation §164.312(c)(1)

Explanation: Data must remain unaltered, in its original format and encrypted while being stored.

HIPAA Administrative Requirement - Regulation §164.316(b)(1)

Explanation: Emails must be stored for at least six years from the date of creation or last use.


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