Are free cloud services bad for your business?

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As a business owner, I’m always looking to reduce risk wherever I can. Whether it involves cybersecurity or a new technology platform, I’m always thinking about the risk it could potentially pose to my business.

When it comes to the cloud, the number one strategy I recommend is avoiding free or even cheap cloud services. Simply put, they’re bad for your business.

I know these entry-level offerings are attractive, but they are typically very basic. You might find yourself needing more speed or more storage down the line. Before you know it, you’re spending 5X more money than you wanted to, and you’re still not fully integrated on the cloud.

What’s worse is that these companies will use your data as if it were theirs. They’ll even sell your email addresses.

With free cloud services, you’re going to have a limited experience — you’ll lose control of access, support, and security. You won’t get the support you need. Your backup and recovery will be minimal if anything.

If cloud companies are offering cheap or free services, they’re cutting corners. You don’t want to get involved with that. It’s too risky, and if you remember, I’m all about reducing risk.

Save yourself money, time, and headaches by subscribing to your cloud. Always subscribe. Adjust your fees to accommodate your budget for a subscription level service.

Before you do subscribe, be sure you properly vet the cloud companies you’re working with. You want to be sure they are committed to you and your business.

Ask them the right questions, too. Ask about security, bandwidth stress, migrations, integrations, and more. If you don’t know the right questions to ask, you could get caught in a bait and switch.

If you’d like to run any questions about the cloud by me, feel free. I’m passionate about helping business owners like you transform their business with the cloud.

-Randy Sklar


Want to see how the cloud can cut costs, reduce support, and transform your business?

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