Being ‘Old-School’ WILL Hurt Your Business

It’s Time to Join the 21st Century!

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed a lot of business owners using the same phrase when my company recommends that they improve their cybersecurity.

“No thanks!” they say. “We don’t worry about that stuff. Our company is old-school.”

I don’t have anything against old-school values, but when it comes to growing and protecting your business, the truth is that being old-school will hurt you.

And it’s not a matter of “if.” It’s a matter of “when.”

It’s 2022: No business is safe.

Unless your company operates under a rock, you use the internet for at least some of your day-to-day operations. Do your employees have email accounts? Do you store information in the cloud? Do you use a CRM? Have you ever made a Google Doc? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, your business is vulnerable to cyberattacks.

According to a 2021 CNBC and Momentive survey, 14% of small businesses reported being hacked last year. But 2019 data also showed “small businesses are target No. 1 for criminals and represented 43% of all 2019 data breaches.” That’s a serious threat!

A lot of factors play into how at risk your business is, but if you claim you’re too old-school for cybersecurity and refuse an assessment, you’ll never know just how easy it would be for hackers
to steal your information.

As if that risk weren’t enough, there’s an even bigger problem with running an old-school business: Companies that are stuck in the past don’t thrive. They are mildly successful at best. To really succeed, you must be a visionary and push toward the future!

‘New-school’ entrepreneurs are successful.

Think about Elon Musk, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. If he were old-school, he never would have founded Tesla! He probably would have focused on creating a better combustion engine and wouldn’t have made a single headline.

But he wasn’t old-school. He had a big, forward-thinking vision. The guy wanted to literally change mankind and make the world a better place. That ‘new-school’ philosophy led him to found Tesla and SpaceX, and in 2021 he became “the first person worth more than $300 billion” according to Forbes!

It’s the same story for Jeff Bezos. His big vision of taking on Walmart and beating them led him to revolutionize the e-commerce business with Amazon. No old-school thinker could have done it.

Here are 3 steps to becoming a visionary.

Here’s the good news: It’s not too late for you to switch from old-school to new-school, protect your business, and take it to new heights. You can still become a visionary and join the 21st century!

Cybersecurity is a great place to start.

Step 1: Ask for a risk assessment.

If all you have going for you is a firewall and a virus protection program, your security is weak — and stuck in the 1990s. We can help you figure out just how bad things are when you book a risk assessment at

Step 2: Plug the leaks.

Once we know the situation, we can help you fix it. Maybe you need a password management system, or your employees need training on how to avoid phishing scams. We can help!

Step 3: Keep learning.

If you don’t think you understand technology or aren’t sure where to take your company, it’s never too late to learn. Seek out books to continue your education or turn your car into an education center with podcasts and audiobooks that will help you dream big.
So, what do you say? Are you ready to join the 21st century? When it’s time, you know where to start:

-Randy Sklar


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