Kick Work and Family Drama to the Curb

By Exiting the ‘Drama Triangle’

Conflict is a normal part of every human relationship, but there’s a difference between an ordinary disagreement and the kind of serial “drama” you see in TV sitcoms and soap operas. Unfortunately, this drama infects real life all too often. According to psychologists Janae and Barry Weinhold, 3 in 5 social
interactions are stuck in a “Drama Triangle.”

The Drama Triangle is a counseling tool developed back in the 1960s. It breaks conflicts down into three roles: the rescuer, the persecutor, and the victim. These roles can be played by three people or by two people who switch back and forth. You’re probably part of at least one Drama Triangle right now. If you look around, you’ll see these triangles everywhere. At work, coworkers bicker about each other’s lunch choices (“Tuna again?! I hate that smell.”), and executives debate the company’s future (“You know I don’t want to go public.”). At home, spouses find themselves trapped in the same arguments with each other and their kids over and over again (“Are you sure you don’t want to go to college?”). Does this sound familiar?

These fights might feel inevitable, but they’re not! You can learn how to escape them for good and have more peace at work and at home. Just check out my new favorite book: How to Break Free of the Drama Triangle and Victim Consciousness by Janae and Barry Weinhold.

How to Break Free will explain what the Drama Triangle is, show where Drama Triangles exist in your life (and whether you’re playing the rescuer, prosecutor, or victim), and give you tools to break out of those triangles. Thanks to this book, I have discovered that I fall into the self-sacrificing rescuer role in most fights. I also figured out how to get out of that box! You might be surprised just how much How to Break Free will change your life.

Pick up a copy today to start 2022 without the drama.

-Randy Sklar


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