Do You Understand The New Rules Of Ransomware Attacks?

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If you think your small business is immune to cyber-attacks, think again.

Businesses of all sizes and industries fall victim to ransomware.

The news headlines make it seem like cyber-criminals only target big corporations, but in truth, cyber-attacks affect all businesses.

Look at these stats from the Wall-Street Journal:

  • “The proportion of attacks explicitly focused on small/medium businesses rose to more than 30%…”
  • “88% of SMB companies have no formal cyber security plan in place today.”


The bottom line? Small business is the target.

And ransomware is so effective because it sneaks in undetected. It cripples your systems and encrypts your data.

You won’t have access to your data again (so they say) until you pay up. They typically demand between $5,000 and over tens of thousands.

Unless you have a solid recovery strategy properly configured. Otherwise, the backups could also become encrypted and lost.

Let me ask you this: if you were attacked by ransomware today, would you pay? If you did pay, what guarantees would you have?

The harsh reality is that there is no escaping a ransomware situation once you’re in it.

FBI Warns – Pay A Ransom & Server 10-Years!

The FBI will not help you.

And get this. The FBI won’t let you pay a cyber crook residing in an unsanctioned country. Or you will serve 10 years in prison!

Wire Fraud & The Bank

If you suffer a wire fraud attack your bank cannot even help you. In fact, with most bank policies, you only have 24 hours to report fraudulent activities.

After that, you’re on your own.

Insurance Policy Cancellations

If you don’t have specific services in place you will lose your cyber insurance.


We’ve seen this happen first hand. Multiple times.

Agency’s are getting strict. Firewalls, Anti-Virus and an external scan were all they required a few years ago. Those days are gone.

It’s Your Responsibility

Ultimately, adopting a security program into your business is your responsibility.

If you don’t care why would your employees.

As a small business owner, I understand your challenges first-hand.

For some reading this article, we help manage many of these challenges for you. And everyone has ownership in keeping your data safe.

What To Do Next…

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Never stop learning and growing. That’s your best bet.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

-Randy Sklar


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