What Is Your Data Worth To You?

Will your business survive the digital revolution?


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As a small business owner, I know how valuable and important your data is. In fact, it’s everything to your business. That makes losing it detrimental. In fact, losing your data can put you out of business.

In a world where we are more mobile than ever before, team members bring their own devices to work, and cloud applications are widely used, understanding where your data is, who has access to it, and how it’s being used has become quite complicated. It’s not easy to find the most secure ways to manage it all.

Ultimately, the way you think about your data will affect everything that happens inside and outside your business.

Let me ask you this: do you know how much your data is worth?

If you don’t know, you cannot make educated decisions on what steps you should be taking and how much you can spend on security to protect your data from threats.

The reality is that back-up solutions, hosted applications, and collaborative technologies like Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive can be accessed by an unauthorized user regardless of your security strategy. In other words, cloud-based solutions are not as secure as you may think.

Didn’t think I would tell you that, did you?

What’s more? You don’t need to be using the cloud to lose data. The harsh truth is that data is never completely secure in any form or location, despite what others may tell you.

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-Randy Sklar


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