How Hackers Can Cause Catastrophic Damage With A Password You Didn’t Even Know Existed…

Who cares? It’s just my email.

Cybersecurity is often motivated by financial fears. This is why keeping cyber criminals out of our bank accounts or payroll software takes top priority. But in the same breath, many people take a casual response to the security of other digital services. When warned of security flaws surrounding their email, far too many shrug off the threat. After all, if they don’t handle money through their email, why would hackers bother trying to break in?

This is an incredibly dangerous mindset to have around your personal data security. The reality is that any area of your digital life could be valuable to a half-competent hacker, and your email is a hub for all your online habits. Here are a few ways criminals could make money off your hacked email account.



If you don’t have two-factor authentication, it only takes clicking “Forgot password” for hackers to change your password on all accounts connected to that email. Then they can start selling your accounts to the highest bidder. A few examples include:

• iTunes account: $8
• account: $6
• account: $5
• Social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter): $2.50

These aren’t much on their own, which is why hackers use bots to target thousands of emails at a time.



With control of your email, hackers can target other people in your email and chat contacts, access Google Docs or Dropbox, and even connect with your friends through Facebook messenger. How much damage could a hacker do if they messaged everyone in your friends list, asking for donations to some cause?

Don’t sell yourself short. Your email, like all your data, is valuable. Our Password Management Service can help you treat it that way by setting up two-factor authentication and other important security steps. Check out the free demo at and stop leaving your email unprotected.

Thanks for reading,

Randy Sklar


PS. Your passwords are exposed! Watch this video to find out how…

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