Make My PC Faster – Part 2

Are slow computers frustrating your team?


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Could a slow PC be a cyber criminal?

I recently went through the process to see why my PC performance was lacking. I discovered:

  • So many programs I no longer use
  • Unnecessary steps in my startup process
  • System resources dedicated to programs from a Russian cyber ring (it’s true!)
How is this possible?

We live in a digital world. Anything connected to the internet, like a PC, is a target.

Even if a computer literally contains no data, hackers can still find value in it.

Here’s a step to clue you in on any malicious activity going on in the background:

Push CTRL+ALT+DEL to access your Task Manager.

Look for the startup tab. Are there apps automatically starting up on your PC you don’t use anymore? You can disable them here.

Is your PC still lacking top-notch performance?

My 5-step process to optimize your PCs performance is free and easy to use. No gimmicks.

As mentioned in my previous email, I’m happy to schedule a call and walk through the process with you. Click here for peace of mind:


-Randy Sklar


Are slow computers frustrating your team? Here are 5 things you can do right now:

Click here to get started ->

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