Make My PC Faster – Part 1

Are slow computers frustrating your team?


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Even if your system seems fast. You will get a performance improvement by following my 5-step process.

You don’t need to be a guru to get through the 5-steps – It’s easy!

If you need help you can schedule a call with me to walk you through the process.

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Why is my PC running slow

Malicious software programs, improper configurations, and old programs – no longer in use are some of the most common culprits.

Bogging system performance down.

Even if your system is operating “okay” you don’t want to miss an opportunity to clean it up.

Most importantly, make sure an unauthorized hacker isn’t using your computer.

What could a cybercriminal use my system for?

It’s not uncommon for a hacker to use your system for mining crypto coins.

In fact, recently several antivirus companies – including Norton – have started doing it!

That’s right! Norton Antivirus will use your system for crypto mining.

And it’s a default setting and difficult to disable!

Here’s an article to prove it: Norton 360 Now Comes With a Cryptominer.

Or do a quick Google search – several news sources also reported it.

Don’t disregard it as click-bait.

I’ve worked countless hours creating the 5-step process for you.

I created simple videos demonstrating click by click. It’s easy and I’ll help you every step of the way.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch, no fees.

My goal is to continue to build my reputation and become your go-to IT resource. And one day you will need my expertise and I’ll be there to save you.

Again… no financial obligations.

And you can always schedule a call with me to walk you through the process.

-Randy Sklar


Are slow computers frustrating your team? Here are 5 things you can do right now:

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