Parenting The Internet Generation

Are You Aware Of The Dangers Your Kids Face Online?


Our children are impressionable. All it takes is one friend to says something is a good idea, and they’ll do it. And all children have devices.

Let’s learn how to keep our children safe!



Cyberbullying (online bullying) is the number one issue our children face today. They can be bullied day or night.

For example: your kid might be in a relationship and send a text that makes them vulnerable. The recipient could take a screenshot and send it out to everyone at their school. All it takes is 1-2 people to get the text out there, and it could go viral. This can humiliate your child, destroy their self-esteem, and put them in danger.


Communicating With Potentially Dangerous Adults

One time, I walked into my 12-year-old son’s room when he was playing NHL 09. When I started talking to him, I heard a grown man cursing out of his headphones.

Who are you talking to?” I asked.

A guy from Sweden“, he responded.

This got me thinking — games have a lot of digital money in them. Kids can easily get ripped off with in-app purchases.

And what if this man is grooming my son? What if he’s trying to get my son to give him money?

The Past Coming Back To Bite

Lots of our kids are technologically savvy. They must know that what they’re posting on the internet is there forever.

Once, Krystal Ball ran for congress as a Democrat. During her campaign, photos of her were leaked onto the internet of her running around with sex toys. It ruined her campaign.

If kids make online posts, it could affect their futures.

Controlling What Your Kids Do On The Internet

You can’t monitor what your kids do 24/7. Even if you implement ways to control what they’re doing on the internet, lots of kids are smart and know how to circumvent our control. They probably know more about IT than some of the experts!

Take Snapchat, for example. Kids can share pictures with friends for a short amount of time. Once that time ends, the pictures disappear unless the recipient(s) takes a screenshot.

In my eyes, the purpose of that app is privacy from the parents.

So How Can We Have Greater Control?
  • Lots of communication with your kid. Let your children know what could happen if their post gets leaked or shared. Explain that once something has been uploaded to the internet, it is there FOREVER and could come back to bite them.
  • Buy a high-end router so you can put parental controls over the entire house. I recommend using a parental control router. Your kids may try to use their cell service to circumvent the Parental Controls, but then you can use an plan from your cellphone carrier that limits what they do on the internet and the time they can do it.
  • Keep The Topic Alive. Bring the topic up occasionally. Try not to “over-parent” though, your children should feel comfortable coming to you when they need helpful advice.

Good Luck!

-Randy Sklar


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