Is Your Companies Greatest Risk… YOU?! – Part 2

Want to know 5 Ways Your Employees Are Helping HACKERS STEAL YOUR DATA?


Did you know small businesses don’t require security training for their employees?

Did you also know that according to the Wall Street Journal, CEOs are the greatest risk for falling for scams?
It’s shocking, I know!
Over the years, I have learned essential cybersecurity strategies protecting you and your employees from unknowingly giving your data to hackers.
In fact, I’ve developed three secrets your employees need to know so they don’t fall for scams.
And since I’m all about cybersecurity education, I want to share one with you.
It’s not as difficult as you may think. It’s even something you can start doing right now.

My #1 secret is… always hover over links!

What happens when you hover over a link? The actual link appears. It’s important to make sure your link is going to a safe and secure webpage.
If it looks strange or if it’s not going where you want it to go, don’t click it.
If you click a malicious link, it could download something on your machine you don’t want like ransomware or wire fraud.
And as you know, ransomware has detrimental consequences for your business.
If you’re interested in learning my top two other secrets for protecting you and your employees online, click here.

Did you hover over that link? I hope you did!

If you’re looking for more practical security tips, schedule a call with me. I look forward to discussing the best ways to improve your security defense.


-Randy Sklar


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