Your Employees Are Helping Hackers Steal Your Data – Part 1

Want to know 5 Ways Your Employees Are Helping HACKERS STEAL YOUR DATA?

A simple Google search for “ransomware” will bring up these headlines:

  • The Colonial Pipeline breach caused major disruptions across the country.
  • Brenntag paid $4.4 million in ransom.
  • Acer forked over $50 million in ransom — the largest sum known to date.

You may be wondering how the heck big businesses fall victim to an attack. It’s not as easy as installing a software program to keep you protected 100% of the time.

It can happen to anyone.

Even if you use safeguards like filter spam and malware, hackers can still make their way in and compromise your most important assets.

So, if technology solutions are not the best way to protect your business, then what is?

You and your team!

That’s right — security is a people issue. In fact, 90% of breaches involve human error. That’s why employee training makes the biggest impact.

In the IT world, we call it the Human Firewall. And just like a traditional firewall, your team needs ongoing training and updates to stay ahead of the hackers.

Where to begin?

Work with me, your trusted IT provider. My goal is to give your team tangible strategies for keeping themselves (and your business) safe online.

You can always schedule a call with me to discuss ways to improve your security strategy.


-Randy Sklar


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